When and where will Hills of Rock 2020 take place?

Hills of Rock 2020 will take place in the European Capital of Culture 2019 – Plovdiv, on July 24th, 25th and 26th. The exact address is 23 Yasna Polyana str., Plovdiv Rowing Canal (check out GPS coordinates here).

How to get there?

Plovdiv is about 110km away from Sofia (if you travel on A1 Trakia Highway), 240km away from Burgas (if you travel on A1 Trakia Highway) and about 360km away from Varna. Some of the Balkans’ biggest cities are close to Plovdiv – these are Thessaloniki (about 420km), Istanbul (about 400km), Skopje (around 380km), Bucharest (around 380km), Beograd (520km).
The bus and railway transport are well developed – you can get to Plovdiv by bus from nearly every spot in Bulgaria. You can check out bus schedule from Sofia to Plovdiv at the Sofia Bus Station’s official website (English supported). Railway schedule can be checked on razpisanie.bdz.bg (English also supported).
You can also use the Plovdiv Airport as a convenient way to get to the spot – airplanes of Ryanair, Wizzair and Bulgaria Air land on the station. Also, Bulgaria’s largest airport – the one in Sofia, is around 110km away.

What kinds of tickets are there available and how can I buy some?

Make sure you get your tickets only via Eventim’s network. You can buy a ticket online or at Eventim’s local network (applicable only for Bulgaria).
Please, do not buy tickets from any other spot since their authenticity can not be guaranteed.

Can I return my promo ticket?

You can return a promo ticket no later than January 27th 2020. You can do this at the local store in which you’ve bought the ticket. If you purchased the pass online, you can return it at any Eventim office in Bulgaria. If you bought a ticket online and you are not in Bulgaria, please contact Eventim for support.

When should I arrive at the Festival area?

It is a good idea to arrive at least 30 minutes before the beginning of the festival day. We are working hard to eliminate people gatherings – however, we need your support to ensure that!

When the festival doors will be open and how long is every festival day?

The listed schedule is preliminary and a subject of change!
Hills of Rock 2020’s official opening is on July 24th at 17:00. The last performance will finish on July 26th at 23:30 h (approx.) Full festival schedule is to be announced in the following months.

Can I enter the Festival area multiple times?

Once you’ve entered the Festival area, you are not allowed to re-enter for security reasons. There will be restrooms, bars, food courts, etc. onsite to ensure you feeling comfortable. However, you can initially enter anytime – make sure you haven’t forgotten anything essential!

How to buy food and drinks onsite?

The listed information is preliminary and a subject of change!
Buying food and drinks at the Festival area is possible only using the Hills of Rock payment cards. There will be several points available where you can pick up and charge your card. You can use your card during the whole duration of the event – when paying at a bar, for e.g., the necessary amount of money will be withdrawn. You can get the unused amount in your payment card back anytime or up to 1 hour after the end of the performances on Main Stage.

Can I buy merchandise?

We always make sure that there were a variety of merchandise goods to be bought – take this under consideration when entering the festival since you wouldn’t like to miss your favorite band playing!

Where can I park?

Note, that your festival ticket does not include a parking spot. Spots near the festival area are limited – we strongly recommend using public transportation.

Can I take photos/videos?

You can ONLY use your smartphone or a non-professional camera to take photos or videos. Any professional equipment is strictly forbidden and you may not be allowed to enter the site bringing such.

Can I get a snack?

You are not allowed to bring food and alcohol at the Festival area. You can bring water in a bottle which does not exceed 0.5l.

What items are not allowed at the festival area?

Keep in mind that if you have any of these items at the festival, the security guards could take them away from you. Note that the organizers DO NOT TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY for these items and their storage. To avoid such situations, do not bring with you the following:

  • Substances forbidden by the current laws in Bulgaria and The EU (drugs, etc.);
  • Cold weapons or guns;
  • Flammable substances or liquids;
  • Sprays;
  • Bags or purses with volume exceeding 5 litres.;
  • Plush toys;
  • Masks which cover their owner’s face;
  • Food or alcohol;
  • Water exceeding 0.5l;
  • Balloons, balls, flammable spheres, frisbees or any other flying disks;
  • Umbrellas, chairs, blankets, tents;
  • Bicycles, skateboards, hoverboards, scooters or any other vehicles;
  • Drones or other flying objects;
  • Pets, except for guide dogs;
  • Lasers, laser pens or other similar items;
  • Water pistols, spraying bottles;
  • Music instruments;
  • Professional cameras or other photo/video equipment;
  • Keep in mind that some jewelry or other merch products (such as spikes, etc.) could also be considered dangerous.

Is there any medical staff available on site?

There will be several medical teams onsite – make sure you are well informed about their location before you enter.

Can I take an additional chair/stroller or a blanket?

To guarantee each visitor’s comfort, we have ensured that there are enough seating places near the stages. However, it is strongly not recommended that you take any chairs, unless it is extremely mandatory.
It is not forbidden that you bring a stroller – however, we advise you to take under consideration your children’s health – the sound volume is high and this could seriously damage any young person’s hearing.

Are there any details about child admission?

Children at the age of 10 or below enter the festival for free. Note that everybody under the age of 18 must enter the festival area with an escort and with two copies of the Declaration of accompaniment. You can download the Declaration here..

Will I be able to Meet&Greet?

In case of a Meet&Greet event onsite we’ll immediately notify you via Facebook and our official webpage.

Is there a camping area?

We are working hard on ensuring a comfortable camping area near the festival site. Stay tuned.

Is admission for people with disabilities assured?

We are doing our best to ensure equal access to the Festival for anyone. If you have any questions, recommendations or notes, text us on Facebook or at info( at )hillsofrock.com

Do you need volunteers?

We are happy that each year there are many volunteers who help us provide the best experience for our visitors. We’ll inform everyone when we start a volunteering campaign via our information channels.

I have another question or a recommendation.

E-mail us on [email protected] or text us on our official Facebook page – we’re doing our best to reply asap.

Any social media to follow?

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