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Sofia Music Enterprises secures and oversees the construction of multifunctional open or weatherproof stages and lighting rigs of various sizes for a diverse range of indoor and outdoor events.

The company works together with world-leading stage manufacturers such as Stageco, ESS, Eurotruss and Sartoretto Group.

Sofia Music Enterprises provides all necessary heavy machinery needed for stage build, such as cranes, fork lifts, boom lifts, etc and has a team of local and foreign steel hands and riggers who have worked on the world tours of Madonna, U2 and many others.

Sofia Music Enterprises works with EPS – one of the biggest European companies specialized in the installation of temporary floor and grass protection materials. Products such as Arena Pannels, Remopla, Rollaway, Terraplas and Portafloor are the standard solution for protecting football fields and tartan running tracks from damage caused by crowd wear and heavy machinery.

Sofia Music Enterprises supplies different types of temporary fencing solutions for indoor and outdoor events such as “Mojo” and “bike rack”-type barriers, as well as Heras see-through and non-see-through fencing.